Sujan Ghosh


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THE AGRI-HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OF INDIA organises two major flower shows.


Winter Flower Show
The Winter Flower Show is held in the month of January. This event is organized to primarily showcase Chrysanthemum along with Rose, Dahlia and Gladiolas. This show is organized mainly to give enough growing time to Winter Annuals. Chrysanthemum in Kolkata is at its prime round in the later part of December to mid-January. This Event was launched sometime in the early 60s and is continued till date by the Society with same enthusiasm and zeal.


Annual Flower Show
The Annul Flower Show organized by the Society is the World’s oldest Flower Show in existence. Since the early part of 1828, every year (barring 1940), this competition has been taking place as a prominent fixture of Kolkata’s happening. This is a gala event where around 2000 entries and 16,500 exhibits including edible vegetable are on display. First Annual Exhibition of vegetables was held on 9th January, 1828 in the rooms of the Asiatic Society under the auspices of the then President of the Society Mr. W. Leycester.